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A Beautiful Sunset for a Vow Renewal

With August coming to a close and September beginning I wanted to take some time to highlight this wonderful couple. In order to introduce them to you, I asked Alan and Crystal if they would write a little introduction about their story for you all, and they agreed! Here is the story Alan wrote and sent over to me:

"Crystal and I first met in the summer of 2006. I received a random phone call one night as I laid in bed and the voice on the other side, who introduced herself only as 'Inspector Gadget', told me to come outside and do jumping jacks while singing Happy Birthday. Not being one to disregard a questionable order from a random number I snuck out of my mom's house and followed the directions, while in the middle of the street in the middle of the night. Turns out that Crystal (aka Inspector Gadget) was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours that I had known from high school and were looking for something to do on a lonely night.

That night led to a continued friendship and multiple hangouts even as I moved to Bellevue for college the next year. What started as a random phone call, led into a great friendship, and eventually developed into a deeper connection and an eventual relationship culminating with getting married in 2010."

2020 has been difficult for a lot of people, with the global pandemic ongoing, plans have been interrupted, changed and some events cancelled entirely. Alan and Crystal are among the people who had to change and cancel their travel plans. The original plan was a getaway to Aruba to celebrate 10 years of marriage and renew their vows to each other there. That trip would also mark the first time they would be away from their two year old daughter, which is a huge step in parenthood and definitely not an easy feat. They decided to postpone the Aruba trip (they still plan on getting there one day!) and opted for a trip to Lincoln City, Oregon instead.

At this point Alan contacted me to see if I would be available to take their photos and document the evening. I was happy to accept and had an evening session open. I am so glad I was able to capture this moment in their lives. The plan was an evening session, while the sun was setting.

The day of their session shaped into a gorgeous day to be at the beach, but Lincoln City, sometimes has unpredictable weather. As their session time approached, I noticed a slight marine layer moving in and I will tell you, I started to get nervous. In my time photographing, I have seen and captured a lot of images with the marine layer, and at times it can obscure the scenery. Thankfully, right before their session began, it lifted enough and opened up the sky.

Crystal knew they would be having photos done and had a gorgeous dress on for the occasion. What she didn't know, was that Alan had a surprise in store for her. After Crystal had said her vows, it was time for Alan to say his and implement his surprise.

Alan surprised Crystal with a new ring, which he had gotten back in February without her knowing! The rest of their session was spent taking photos of them with the sunset so they could remember the day.

Crystals dress was absolutely beautiful and perfect for getting this photo of her enjoying the sunset.

I always ask if my clients are comfortable getting in the water for some pictures and even though the water was cold that day, they agreed to go in and we were able to get these photos.

With the tide receding, and the sun beneath the horizon I had them walk down the beach for one final photograph. As they walked down the beach they left their footprints in the sand behind them.

I absolutely loved photographing these two! The evening ended up being a perfect for these photos and I am so glad I was able to capture this memory for them.

Congratulations Alan and Crystal on 10 years of marriage, may you continue on your journey together and create many more memories!!

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